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Regular Events
  • Sunday service at 8 AM
  • Fasting prayer Tuesday
  • Bible study on every third Saturday of the month
  • Communion service on the Sunday that follows second Saturday
Special Events
  • Special Meeting on October 4 (Notice)
  • 3 Day fasting prayer on February 8 to 10
  • Koodara Pandigai on May 8-10


            In 1989 Jebathottam trust was established by Fr. S.J.Berchmans and in 1991 the church was established in jebathottam. Because of his tearful prayers for Kalayarkoil and sivagagnga, the church was established with very few believers at that time. But now it has grown into a church having around 1000 believers and it was a church of revival in sivaganga. The anointing of Father’s Worship can be found on everyone present in the church. The Pastor of this Church is none other than Father’s brother’s son Pr. T.G. Sekar. He is also the founder of Appa madiyilae ministries. He has written many revival songs like ‘Aarparipom Aarparipom, Nandri sollamal Iruka Mudiyathu’. His songs are also reviving many youths. He has been used mightily by the Lord in many Nations. Due to his efforts and by Gods Grace, many new ideas are planned to lead the church at Lords will and marching victoriously towards the peak of the revival.

Our Church

Jebathottam church, Kalayarkoil

Our Ministry Leaders

Fr. S. J. Berchmans

Pr. T. G. Sekar

Sr. Sudha Sekar

Caller Tunes

Online Bible